Tokyo Hot n0495 THE C.A. 2009 Part1

Tokyo Hot n0495 THE C.A. 2009 Part1

It is the Big Christmas present from TOKYO HOT! Sorry for keep you wait for a long time. It is big gangbang special of customary event. Slender Beauty leg the beautiful CA of perfect model makes comfortable flight. Of course basic service is body service! REI TAKAGAI RYOKO MOCHIDUKI AKANE WATANABE MIRI SAKURAI. Please fuck pussy of these four as much as you like. And one human toilet is prepared this time and it service to clean the dirty cock after the ejaculation was applied. Please continue your favors toward TOKYO HOT Airways that promises safe and comfortable flight & comfortable vaginal cum shot. The number of customers of the TOKYO HOT Airways decreases sharply with the recession of these days. Thick service to the customer is left to four CA because of the business recovery. A special bonus will be given in case of the succeeding. Four people are overjoyed at the story of a special bonus though they were hesitant at the beginning. However it is a problem very much when there is failure by the real flight. The simulation of the waiting on customers will be performed against three executive officers before a real flight. REI & AKANE sucks one cock at the same time. It is the splendid coordinated play that guest's needs seem to be high. The fellatio with lascivious word of RYOKO & MIRI is also standard mark. Just after that four people move to the game meeting place where regular customers gather. Thick service is done to the customer who hit the win with roulette. It is deep kiss thick fellatio. The regular customer neglect roulette and are devoted to a caress. And mouthful cum shot is made in many places of the hall. Two for REI five for AKANE one for RYOKO and two for MIRI the semen of ten totals hits CA's intraoral directly. Just after that there is NAOMI TAKADA who came in urinal in the special restroom where regular customer rushed into! TAKADA gladly makes the cleaning fellatio to one per one politely. The regular customer is deeply inspired with the perfect service. Body offer service is a great success. However the body offer is not limited to a guest alone. It is necessary also for smooth communications with the staff. RYOKO made deep kiss as it is invited by the captain. And cock inserted at standing back posture after standing fellatio. The piston continues at woman on top backward woman on top and missionary posture and then vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. And of course TAKADA does the cleaning fellatio in a special rest room after ejaculates. Daily life of CA always studies. It should to know the key point that a man feels well and must keep the best service in mind. Therefore the company also is recommending the employee's vaginal cum shot in the company. However a terrible situation occurs in a waiting room. It is provoked by REI who was interested in AKANE and they made a lesbian play. They lick each other's pussy intensely in six-none pose. However twining only of the woman is a prohibition. Just after that REI & AKANE who were found by an executive officer and was warned is made caress for the staff. It is deep kiss & double fellatio. They perform intense 3P as compete. The executive officer also joins and it is gangbang of 4P. When AKANE is inserted at backward woman on top posture REI personally gropes ball bag. When REI is inserted at woman on top posture AKANE made deep kiss positively. They are excited each other and in an incomprehensible condition. And the executive inserts the cock in the place where REI overlaps on AKANE. Cock is inserted also in REI immediately after AKANE was made acme by fuck. It is an envied spectacle. And vaginal cum shot is made to AKANE at back posture. REI grubs the pussy after vaginal cum shot with the finger and licked the backflow semen. In addition immediately after REI is made vaginal cum shot at bending posture AKANE takes the backflow semen in the mouth and kisses REI. Splendid coordinated play is must see. However the stress of four of the CA is accumulated gradually and finally explodes. Tokyo Hot The masochistic new employee who just joins the company falls a prey. Four CA intensely finger the masochistic new employee who is made to stark-naked with the leg and have a hearty laugh. In addition saliva is hung down in the cock and they abuse him. What is going on with this masochistic new employee!? Body service of CA heats up more following Part 2. It enters into the finale of the sumptuous feast. Development that CA who is poured semen without an interval to take a rest is beaten even in human toilet doesn't have the time to breathe.

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